Estetica. Omaggio a Michel Tapié

Estetica. Omaggio a Michel Tapié

April 3 | May 25 2019

Dellupi Arte is delighted to present the ‘Estetica. Tribute to Michel Tapié’project, hosted from April 3 to May 25, 2019 in the gallery located at CityLife within the complex designed by Daniel Libeskind.

The passion for abstract painting and informal art is at the origin of the ‘Estetica. Tribute to Michel Tapié’exhibition, the first of a series of events and in-depth analyses developed around Michel Tapié (1909 –1987), promoted by Dellupi Arte for the upcoming exhibition season.

The exhibition is conceived as a tribute to one of the most interesting personalities of the historical-artistic panorama in the second half of the twentieth century. ‘Aesthetics’ is a word that is recurrentl in Tapié’s writings, as is emphasized by his own statement on the autograph plate for the first time exhibited on this occasion.

The exhibition reunites important works by international artists profoundly linked to the famous French critic and curator, father to the informal and theoretical ‘Art Autre’. Art Autre,‘Art of Another Kind’, a term he coined in 1952 to describe a new type of art: a radical break with the past and that was expanding in the post-war period in Europe as well as in America and Japan.

The ‘Art Autre’ gathers artists from Japan, America, France and Italy. On this occasion, they are reunited deliberately winking to the group exhibitions curated by Tapié himself. The selection of works stems from a careful research, with the objective of relating each exhibited work of art – be it for its origin or its history – to the thought of Tapié and his cosmopolitan vision of art.

We see works by Toshimitsu Imaï dialogue with the ample colour drippings by Paul Jenkins, one of the most important American abstract artists; a beautiful canvas by Georges Mathieu dedicated to Michel Tapié himself, placed next to the paintings by Jaroslav Serpan, both being pioneers of the Opera Abstraction; alongside the unmistakable style of Luigi Boille, stand the abstract sculptures by Franco Garelli and Angelo Bozzola, the latter a dear friend of Tapié.

The exhibition is completed by the gallery stand at miart 2019, where a monumental canvas by Jaroslav Serpan is presented to the public eye for the first time. Its size (208 x 730 cm) and historical relevance make it a museum work of art: Untitled, 1954, is among the greatest creative exemplifications of the new abstract art forms promoted by Michel Tapié in those years.

Installation view