Icelandic Art Center | Katrin Fridriks

Icelandic Art Center | Katrin Fridriks


Forces of Nature, the first personal exhibition of the artist in 2017 is curated by Ilaria Porotto and will introduce the public to Fridriks most recent cycle of paint. Presenting the most recent artworks by the artist, “Forces of Nature” show will shed a new light on Katrin Fridriks creative process and offer new keys to the meaning of her body of work.

Fridriks paintings store the energy that went into their creation. An energy that is reactivated each time you view them.” Dr. Klaus Speidel

Fridriks invites her public to get immersed in her fragmented landscapes and animated universes painted by her own throwing gesture; there is a strongly felt force while looking at her creations. Through her paintings, Fridriks plays with scales & perception and one’s vision becomes distorted beyond the canvas. Katrin Fridriks is challenging our usual way of looking at things, just as Nature is unpredictable.

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