Karel Appel – Enrico Baj

27 October - 23 December 2022

Dellupi Arte is happy to announce the exhibition ‘Karel Appel – Enrico Baj’, presenting for the first time together a group of important artworks by these two artists.

The exhibition will bring together a selection of around twelve works, suggesting visual affinities, chromatic associations and recurring forms present in both research.

The transformation of the figure of Enrico Baj’s ‘personnage’ is transformed into a fairytale-grotesque iconography, recreated through the materiality and polymaterism of his assemblages, consisting of fabrics, medals, brooches and glass.

Traces of figurality are also found in Karel Appel’s canvases, in which the power and physicality of colour amplify the expressiveness of the pictorial matter.

Exhibition details

Title: Karel Appel – Enrico Baj
Location: Via A. Spinola, 8a – Milan
Dates: 27 October – 23 December 2022
Hours: by appointment
Contact: +39 02 4695211 – info@dellupiarte.com

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Karel Appel – Enrico Baj

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Karel Appel – Enrico Baj