Personaggi di Enrico Baj

24 October | 3 December 2015

The exhibition i Personaggi opens a window on Enrico Baj’s artistic path through a selection of ten works, which we consider important and capable of symbolizing his original approach to the craft of art, underlining the complexity of the aesthetic informations contained in each painting.
Baj is absent from the cultural scene, first of all from the Milanese one, for which he represented an important propeller, from more than ten years now. Such temporal distance offers us the possibility to shed light on the historical significance of his work. In this occasion, we can discover the intrusions and overlaps of materials, colors, and also of the objects of common use, which altogether could be considered instead of the painting like the origin of images within the images. All these are hidden at first by the preponderant dominance of the main subject – imaginative portraits often of Ladies and Generals. But inside the paintings, we discover narrations or citations; or better, references to the complexity of the aesthetic modern informations. From assemblage to collage together with scales and overlaps of several materials, Baj has always used different techniques, innovating relentlessly the pictorial language and process.

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Title: Personaggi di Enrico Baj
Critical essay by: Miroslava Hajek
Location: Via A. Spinola, 8 – Milan
Dates: October 24 | December 3, 2015
Info: +39 02 4695211 –

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Personaggi di Enrico Baj

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Personaggi di Enrico Baj