Silenzio del Tempo

30 March - 20 May 2022

Dellupi Arte is pleased to host the first solo exhibition by Yanyan Huang (Sichuan, 1988) at the gallery, presenting her recent group of paintings entitled ‘Silenzio del Tempo’.

Completed in 2020, the artist conceived and painted these large-format canvases while staying in Sicily for some weeks. Inspired by the island of Favignana, and entranced by the stunning natural setting, and by Cala Rossa’s weight of history, the ‘Silenzio del Tempo ‘cycle is a narrative unfolding through the sequence of canvases, told with a sensitive, harmonious, visual vocabulary.

The exhibition will include approximately twelve works, together forming a kind of interior landscape of the artist. The weaving music of the lines, together with the use of coloured glazes in clear tones, create airy, floating compositions, alluding to spiritual moods and personal memories.

On occasion of the show, Dellupi Arte is delighted to present the publication of the first monograph devoted to the artist, which will include all the works of this extraordinary pictorial cycle, together with a text by the critic Nicole Kaack.

Exhibition details

Title: Silenzio del Tempo
Location: Via A. Spinola, 8a – Milan
Dates: 30 March – 20 May 2022
Hours: by appointment
Contact: +39 02 4695211 –

Press office: CSArt – Comunicazione per l’Arte
Contact: +39 0522 1715142 –

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Silenzio del Tempo

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Silenzio del Tempo