Idee 2nd Edition

Ideas is a web project conceived by our gallery to display and consolidate one of the most important Italian collections of art. A heterogeneous collection, composed of works of historical significance, created entirely by us over the years.

The collection will be unveiled and presented in ten editions, in order to enable our audience to enjoy the entire collection and to detect changes in trends, both in taste and within the history of art and the art market.

In this second edition, works by artists belonging to different generations are  presented in an unseen group show that develops around the sense of affinity and along hidden correspondences. Indeed, the works are presented not so much  according to a chronological order but by way of open associations that reveal themselves on different levels: visual, emotive, semantic.

Artists featured in this first edition of Ideas:

Felice Casorati, Valerio Adami, Pinot Gallizio, Enrico Baj, Carlo Carrà, Paul Jenkins, Gérard Schneider, Hans Hartung, Emilio Scanavino, Carla Accardi, Georges Mathieu, Katrin Fridriks.

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Idee 2nd Edition

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Idee 2nd Edition